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  More Than Just A Tax Service

Each tax season, you gather the documents that represent the financial health of your business and ship them off to your CPA. The CPA has enough information to go deep into your business, revenue, and operating costs, but…they just do your taxes. That’s it.

At Hershey Accounting, we think you deserve more value back. If we’ve helped with your taxes, we have the data we need to provide additional strategic information of how you can use budget and operating expenses to better inform business decisions

Lisa Hershey

CPA, Principal

20+ year proven track record of developing and implementing financial reporting systems, building and growing teams, and creating and executing a complete cultural and financial turn-around strategy.

Our Approach

We are passionate about using our professional experiences to assist clients to achieve their financial goals.  Our goal is to be your financial partner. 

What does that mean to be a financial partner?

Areas of Practice

  • Tax Preparation & Strategic Planning

  • ​CFO & Controller

  • ​Bookkeeping Solutions​

  • Advisory

  • Valuations

What Customers Are Saying

Hershey Accounting, Lisa, provided me with systematic advice and tools to manage and navigate my business through this pandemic. While there is no way to predict the future and how this will negatively impact my business cycles in 2020 and 2021, I now have the tools to closely monitor and be proactive in the management of my business.

Other accountants send emails informing of regulatory changes. Lisa is different, she takes the time and interest to apply those changes specifically to my business. Small business owners need Lisa!

Marion Miller

Marion Miller & Associates

Lisa and Hershey Accounting helped my small business tremendously. When I came to her, my taxes from previous years were a mess and so were our books. I didn’t know where to start to straighten things out but Lisa took the time to do an in depth review of my business finances and she came back to me with multiple solutions but not only that, she explained things to me in terms that made sense and clearly had my best interest in mind. I feel confident moving forward that I’ve been given the best expert advice for my specific situation and business. I was really blown away by how much time was devoted to such a small business like my own. I highly recommend Lisa and Hershey Accounting & Tax Partners.

Sarah Nelson

CM Cinema

Hershey Accounting and Tax Partners was the BEST business decision that I made last year. Having a CFO for my small business allows me to make decisions based on sound financial analysis and projections. I can’t thank Lisa enough for her support and professionalism. She found deductions that my past two accountants missed entirely. I look forward to working with her into the future!

Merry McFadden

Pivotal Strategy Group

Lisa and Hershey Accounting have been a Godsend! Lisa has done a wonderful job cleaning up my books. She offers a level of knowledge and holds me to the accountability I need as a business owner.  Lisa continues to rock on my behalf!

Kim Roemer

A&A Trophy

Top notch service! Lisa and her group are excellent at what they do and provide spot-on financial advice! 

Nettie Owens

Sappari Solutions

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